Friday, October 2, 2009

Recommended Reads

Harlequin Presents/Modern

The Ruthless Greek's Virgin Princess, by Trish Morey-

Great book. It opens in a very unexpected way and it just keeps you hooked from there. For you writers out there, I think it's a very good example of internal conflict.

It makes the most of the emotional baggage the hero and heroine have, and of their conflicting emotions for each other. They have a lot of passion/love/resentment that has had thirteen years to simmer, and when they meet again at the heroine's brother's wedding, it's pretty explosive!

The Sicilian's Baby Bargain, by Penny Jordan

Wow! An alpha hero with a real sense of honor! His desire really was the best interest of the heroine, although lust might have clouded his judgment at times...It was nice to see his genuine caring for her, and even nicer to watch his feelings strengthen, and to see the two of them develop real love and trust.

Harlequin Historical

His Lady Mistress, Lord Braybrook's Penniless Bride, A Compromised Lady, by Elizabeth Rolls

I loved all three of these books. Great love stories that really had a lot to say about the constraints society put on women at the time (kind of Jane Austen era) Witty dialogue, great description, very likeable characters. A Compromised Lady is a little darker because of its subject matter, but I think I liked it even more for that reason. The hero was just wonderful. Actually, all of the heroes were! Men that any woman would be lucky to have, and that makes for a good read.

Single Title

The Twilight Saga

I resisted reading these for a long time. Vampires. Ugh. Teen angst. Double ugh. And then I read them. All of them. In three days. I loved this series. It was compelling and moving and just really, really good.

I expected it to be really dark, but it really wasn't. And truly, I enjoyed the underlying theme of abstinence. Kind of refreshing in the world of Gossip Girl and pop-culture phenoms of that nature, that there was a series of books, a popular series, that glorified self-control and showed that a guy who is willing to wait for you is darn romantic.


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