Friday, October 9, 2009


For me, inspiration can come from a lot of different things. A song that I connect with can establish the whole mood or concept of a manuscript, a movie with an element I want to tweak can do it too. Sometimes a character just pops into my head and their story just sort of fills itself in.

So what inspires all of my fellow writers out there?


  1. More often than not, good writing. The very best books keep me in a constant state of jumping out of my chair to the computer, because some phrase or word I just read has unlocked that stubborn door in my head, behind which lies the perfect word or turn of phrase I'd been looking for, which most often has nothing whatsoever to do with the content of what I just read, but the rhythm of the wording was what I needed and I fit my words to it, and Bob's your uncle!

    Good writing is like music, in that way.

  2. So true! I've had that experience several times, where I'm reading and I'm so caught up in the power of the emotion the author's creating and I suddenly find some direction for my own MS. It doesn't make me want to copy, it makes me want to create.