Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Recommended Reads!

The Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers

Some of the best books I've read in my life. Passion, romance, gladiators, and amazing faith set against the backdrop of ancient Rome. These books follow Hadassah, a Jewish slave brought to Rome after the fall of Jerusalem, Marcus, the son of the family who buys her and Atretes a Germanic warrior enslaved by the Romans and trained to fight in the arena.

Marcus and Hadassah and their forbidden love are central to the story in the first two books, as is Hadassah's quest to remain faithful and be a witness for Christ to those around her, even though her faith could cost her not only the man she loves, but her life.

Book two, An Echo in the Darkness (my favorite) is mainly in Marcus's POV and focuses on his intense quest for truth, and for his lost love.

Atretes is introduced in book one, A Voice in the Wind, and returns as the main focus in Sure as the Dawn, by which time he's earned his freedom and is making a return to Germany, along with his newly discovered son and the woman who has come to care for him as her own.

Seriously life changing and moving books. I cannot recommend these highly enough!

The Desert King's Bejewelled Bride by Sabrina Philips (Harlequin Mills & Boon Presents/Modern)

Sabrina Philips is a newer author. She's also the youngest Presents author in the history of the series, and it shows. (in a good way)

She has a very modern take on the some old themes, and I quite enjoyed! Kaliq is still as alpha as they come, but he's actually got a bit of a sense of humor. And our heroine Tamara doesn't let the guy just run his mouth! She's sassy, and she really holds her own against a formidable, royal man.

And I have to say, it's worth buying this books just for the man on the cover.

Four star rating on the book, and on the cover model!

Fortune's Forbidden Woman by Heidi Betts (Silhouette Desire)

This one is a repeat read for me. In fact, I found myself reading it again this week. I've enjoyed every book in the Dakota Fortune's Continuity that I've read, but this one is the fave.

Forbidden love? Check. Years of pent up longing? Check! A hero that needs the love of a good woman to soften him up? Double Check.

Maya and Creed have wanted each other for years, but the fact that their part of the most famous family in the state, and that their stepbrother and sister has always stood in their way. Until one night...

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