Monday, October 19, 2009

Recommended Reads Again!!

The Wild series, By Stacey Kayne

I enjoyed all three of these books immensely. A great Western continuity. They take place in Wyoming in the late eighteen hundreds and feature twin brothers Tucker and Chance Morgan, and in the third book, their brother in law Garret Daines.

Mustang Wild

The first in the series. Skylar Daines has spent most of her life traveling with her father and younger brother, herding mustangs and disguising herself as a boy (at her father's insistence).

After her father dies she finds herself accidentally married to Tucker Morgan, the man who owns the land her father promised to her. A lot hinges on them getting an annulment, but they have a very hard time fighting their attraction for each other.

It was a lot of fun to see Skylar experience being treated like a woman for the first time. She'd never been given compliments or any kind of special care, and it made her relationship with Tucker all the more special.

Maverick Wild

Chance's story. Chance always vowed he would never get married because of his evil stepmother, but when he encounters his stepsister for the first time in nearly twenty years he finds himself attracted to her in spite of the fact that he thinks she's probably just like her mother.

Cora has run away to Wyoming to find her stepbrothers, the only real family she has. Her mother has abused her horribly and tried to trap her into a marriage she doesn't want by allowing a man to assault her. Chance was the best person in her childhood, so she seeks him out when she needs a place to go.

Their love story was very sweet, and appropriate considering everything poor Cora had been through. I love the lost childhood love aspect of it too.

Mountain Wild

This book takes place quite a few years later. Garret is only thirteen at the beginning of the series, and he's twenty three in this book.

After being trapped in a snow storm he's rescued by a reclusive woman who lives in the mountains that everyone in town knows as Mad Mag.

Maggie has spent her life avoiding people and living in fear, but Garret gets under her skin in a way no one else ever has. Much like with Skylar in the first book, Maggie has never known any kind of tenderness in her life, not since the death of her father.

Garret was a unique hero, not afraid to proclaim his feelings and show some real tenderness, while Maggie was much more cagey and fearful than your average heroine. And interesting role reversal that I really enjoyed.

Can't recommend these books enough. They really were wonderful. A great example of what a Western romance should be. I'll definitely be looking for more from Stacey Kayne.

Happy reading!



  1. Ah, I found one of my sisters!! Great blog by the way! Loved this review, good Westerns are hard to come by so I'll definitely be looking into these three. Covers are great, especially the second one. I can sign into gmail but I can't log into my account and I'm fairly frustrated to be honest. I'm mad to read the letter Jilly recieved, was it fab?? I'll keep trying to access online account but in the meantime pass on my 'hello' to the rest of the girls. Your boys get better looking in every photo, did you know that???


  2. Aideen!!! Yay!!!

    Yeah, they were great books. You really should read them!

    The letter definitely helped. :-)

    Ugh on the email problems. We miss you! I found a comment you made on ihearts and harrassed you a bit about Simon Baker.

    Yeah, the boys are cute. I have to agree!!