Monday, December 7, 2009

Music and Writing

This conversation got started on Twitter and I thought I'd move it over here.

For me, music is just about the ultimate inspiration. I'm from a musical family, married to a musician, and it's always been a hugely important part of my life. (right up there with books!)

I have a playlist that is home to a lot of my favorite songs that have been a huge part of my MSs for the past few months. Not every song was a 'theme song' for an MS, but I have each of them on there for a reason.

Well, Paolo Nuitini is on there because my three year old likes that song. Anyway, enjoy my inspiration! And, share some of your own...what inspires you?

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  1. Ha, did you know that Brooke Fraser is a NZ'er? Go NZ!! Hee hee. You know, I used to listen to music when I wrote all the time but lately I find it just distracts me. Which is terribly sad because I used to love it. Maybe I should get back into it... When song lyrics start creeping into their dialogue I'll know when to stop.

  2. I DID know that Brooke was an NZer. :-)You're a talented bunch.

    I go back and forth. If it's the right song, it helps, otherwise it can be a distraction.

    I love Pandora for music. That's where I discovered Brooke!

  3. The most bizarre thing happened to me this November while doing Nanowrimo. I write romance and mystery, and decided to go thriller this November. I had a particularly nasty villan, and every time I was writing his part it really flowed with his own playlist which was exclusively....ABBA. Weird, but worked!

  4. Well I'm glad I inspired SOMETHING today. LOL

    It's been spanish flavours and tango music for me today. :-)

  5. Sally, ABBA for a villain? That's fantastic.

    Yeah, Maisey, Pandora is good. Grooveshark too is fab.

  6. Very cool post! Also, I like how you moved the conversation from Twitter to Blogger. Good move.

    Keep it up!
    Song Placements

  7. BBA for a it.

    Donna, yep, you inspired me. :-)

  8. Okay, I must be a weird one. I go between listening to music and listening to movies/TV episodes when I write.

    I don't have a particular playlist, but I tend to be stuck in the 80s at times.

  9. For my current wip I'm listening to a lot of hard rock. It's taken me out of my comfotr zone musically, introduced me to new music, and hopefully that means I'm also out of my comfort zone with this novel and ready to try something new.

  10. Barbara, nothing weird about that! Movies evoke emotion do the hot men in them...which, I know you take into consideration...just sayin'!

    Romy, hard rock? Wow. I love what you said about using it to get out of your comfort zone. Might have to see how that works...

  11. I like classical music when I write. Pachelbel's Canon is my favorite.