Thursday, November 19, 2009

Needing Some Laughs

I'm in desperate need of some levity today. Has been an interesting week in the writing world and I just can't handle all the seeeerrrriousness anymore!!

Good news: my oldest son has been undergoing autism evaluations. The verdict is that he isn't autistic, he's just stubborn. As one of my lovely writing partners put it, "he just does things at his own pace, what he wants, when he wants. Typical alpha."

His speech delay is affecting some of his behavior, but that will be quite easily corrected and he's already doing much better with eye contact and name orientation. When he feels like it.

And also, Smart Bitches ( are doing a contest, deadline midnight EST tonight. They were challenging people to rename current Harlequin releases with the old 1950's flair. Winner gets the whole line of the vintage stationary (which I wants!!).

But me being me, I could not just sen
d in a text entry. I was too inspired. So, here's my Old Timey interpretation of 'Sheikh Boss, Hot Desert Nights' by Susan Stephens.

I call it...One For The Harem!

It made me so happy to make. :-) And it lifts my spirits.

So, how 'bout it people? Entertain me!! :-D I know...let's play a game! Comment me your fave OTT romance novel euphemisms...go for it.

I'll start!

"Log of Love" (this was not in a pubbed book, it was in a rejected MS...not mine!!!)



  1. Log of love?? That's fantastic! I tried to think of something good but my brain has packed up and gone on a loooong holiday. Will have a ponder over the weekend...

  2. SO bad, it's good. Ruby crested manroot, also good. Woman's grotto. eck.

  3. Urgh! No way. Do people actually think that's sexy?? Um...scented cavern is one. No one who's been caving would think that was sexy...

  4. Scented cavern??? 0.o

    I was saving this for Jane, but she did not show up today, but all credit to Miss Mulberry for 'purple helmeted love-soldier'. LOL.

    I hate nubbin and love button, or button. Personal pet peeves of mine. :-)

  5. Man, I wish I could find the one I posted on our group a few weeks ago. How about: tubular love handle?

    Gotta get out of this fog and think about this.

    BTW, they said the same things about my now 4-year-old and he won't stop talking.

  6. Isn't that the way of it, Barbara? Aidric talks a lot, he's just tough to understand and he needs to learn to make eye contact, but he's so used to having to communicate non verbally it isn't natural for him. But he's coming along very well.

    How 'bout...

    'his battering ram breeched the barrier of her secret cave.' (eyaaaaccchhh)

    Oh, and reference to impaling the poor heroine on his staff or sword or whatever.

  7. Oh, I see. You're looking for the infamous purple prose . . .

    The fact that Aidric looks for and can interpret NV communication means he is and is going to be one smart cookie.

  8. Bragging now...he is smart. He reads and it has helped his vocab a lot. And he has great critical thinking skills. He's actually very, very smart and so easily bored and frustrated.

    And yeah, throw some purple prose at me! I just want a giggle. :-)

  9. Ahhhhh!!!!!

    LOL...he shepherded her to the pinnacle with his rod and his staff...*snicker*

  10. "limpid jets of love" Walt Whitman